Jack Russell Terriers can do it all!

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The Jack Russell Terrier
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Jesse’s Videos
Jesse’s Videos
Sit back, relax, and enjoy Jesse’s Videos. Jesse’s got it covered.

© Photo by Sarah Ause of Best Friends Animal Society

Useful Dog Tricks

World’s Smartest Dog Jesse

Prepare to be amazed by a little Jack Russell Terrier named Jesse!! From jump roping, skateboarding and walking backwards, to hand standing and blowing bubbles underwater- this little man has talent!!

A Jack Russell Christmas

Jesse’s Amazing Dog Tricks

Amazing Dog Trick: Double Dutch

Can your Dog do this? Meet Jesse, and be Amazed!!

Jesse’s 1st Trick Video

Just Jesse Moments
Jesse helping me write

My Crazy Jack Russell Terrier Jesse

Jesse the Energetic Jack Russell Terrier

Amazing Disc Dog Jesse

Jesse the Mouse Balancing Jack Russell Terrier

Jesse and the Black Olive

Jesse’s Webisodes
A Just Jesse Valentine’s Day Surprise

Mighty Dog Jesse: Protector of the House

How to teach your dog to catch a Frisbee

Puppy Videos
Jesse’s 1st Year

Jesse Goes to…